fredag 4 september 2009

Life's never easy, and will never be

That's about all I wanted to write.
And about the fear.
Yes, I've known fear, for almost all my life.
And I've just about had it.
It's so... irrelevant, unnecessary, irritating, embarrassing?, annoying... wait, I already said irritating..., anyways it's so not needed.
I don't know why I'm afraid...
...or.. yes I do! I actually do know!
I'm afraid of what other people will think of me.
I'm afraid they'll get to know me too much (hunh?).
I'm afraid they'll criticize (took me over 5 times to spell that right) me for what I am or for what I do.
I'm afraid they'll put me down, tell me I'm not good enough.
I'm afraid to seem inferior.

and so on
See? It's pretty unnecessary, all these fears.
They won't kill me.
No, they wont!

So why are they still here? Why do I care more about what other people will think of me than what I, myself, will think of me?
It's so... unnatural, this state of mind...
So unnatural

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